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Legislative Assembly Candidates
Burns Beach
Joy Drennan

Che Tam Nguyen
Image Che Tam NguyenChe Tam Nguyen was born and raised in the Girrawheen District. After studying Electronic Engineering and Business, he decided to follow his passion for cooking instead. Tam trained to be a Chef in Singapore and Perth. While still an apprentice, he started competing in culinary competitions, winning his first gold medal in 2007. Since then, he has continued to compete in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand, and represented Australia in the Culinary Olympics in Germany in 2008 and 2012. With the success of his career and 18 medals under his belt, Tam is now a partner in a restaurant.
In addition to pursuing his career in the food and beverage industry, Tam has been actively serving the community. He was previously a chaplain at Girrawheen Senior High School and a Vietnamese church Youth Leader.
Nicholas Hart
Image Nick HartNick has extensive interest in conservative politics and business. Having worked in the Joondalup area, he is acutely aware of the challenges facing businesses there. He has business interests in both the mining and the energy industries, with a focus on enhancing business productivity through innovation. Nick is passionate about increasing efficiency of doing business in Australia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering.
Nick came to Perth after having lived and worked in Singapore and South-east Asia.  He was originally from Sydney.
Nick is a strong advocate of families and the importance of maintaining family values in the Australian society. He is married to Chloe, and has 6 grown-up children.
Legislative Council Candidates
North Metropolitan Region - How to vote
Henry Heng
Image Henry HengHenry is the Chairman and CEO of Refresh Group Ltd, an ASX-listed company. He built the bottled water company from scratch to now have 6 factories across Australia.
Henry started his career in banking. He subsequently held management positions in multi-national corporations.  Henry’s experience extends to small and medium enterprises, being founding partner of a chain of child care centres and a distribution business in Singapore.  He was a licensed securities dealer with the Singapore Stock Exchange. His extensive experience includes businesses with many Asian countries.
Henry has lived in the North Metropolitan region for more than 20 years. He is active in social and community services. Henry was on the Board of Grace City Church for 11 consecutive years. He subsequently sat on the Governing Council of Edith Cowan University for 3 years and was a member of their Resources Committee. He is currently the Honorary Secretary of Full Gospel Business Australia WA and Family First Party WA.
Henry holds a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Henry has been happily married to Cara, a psychologist and pastor, for 34 years. They have 2 adult children.
Lesley Croll
Image Lesley CrollLesley Croll is a teacher and counsellor. She enjoys serving her community through various organisations which include disadvantaged community outreach and sporting associations.
Lesley has been married for 30 years and is a mother of 3 adult children. She is passionate about upholding the values that protect, honour and respect individuals and communities. Lesley believes that the healthy traditional family unit is the cornerstone of a flourishing community. Healthy individuals lead to healthy families. Healthy families lead to healthy communities.
She has lived in the North Metropolitan region for many years.
East Metropolitan Region - How to vote
Simon Geddes
Image Simon GeddesSimon D. Geddes has lived in the East Metropolitan Region for many years. He is a loving family man married for 15 years with 6 children. Having been a corporal in the Army Reserve and a team leader for Prison Fellowship, Simon has a strong sense of community service and duty. He has worked in the warehousing industry for most of his life and is a structured and logical thinker.
A published author, Simon has a heart for those trapped in addiction. Having a family member who struggles with gender confusion, he is a staunch advocate for the elimination of the Safe Schools program and same sex marriage.
Simon supports conservative family values and believes that, though not always possible, everyone is entitled to the benefits of a traditional family structure, with both fathers and mothers having unique and invaluable roles.
Steve Fuhrmann
Image SteveSteve Fuhrmann has lived in Australind for 26 years, has been married for 29 years and they have 3 adult daughters.
His background is in the building industry having started a Drafting Business in 1981. He is passionate about letting small business have a fair go!
Steve is a board member of WA Family First Party and is active in his local Church.
South Metropolitan - How to vote
Nigel Peter Irvine
Image Nigel IrvineNigel lives in the South Metro Region. He is a founding member of Family First WA and has a deep set passion for conservative politics. A family man, Nigel has been married for over 40 years and has 12 children and 11 grandchildren. 
Nigel has a Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law and has business interests in engineering and industrial relations. As a consultant, he provides advice to business owners on industrial matters, and is a supplier of engineered components to the mining industry.
Nigel is passionate advocate for the elimination of modern day slavery and has campaigned against the Safe Schools gender program and same sex marriage. Nigel believes the traditional family unit is the cornerstone of our community.
Cara Heng
Image Cara HengCara Heng has been married for 35 years and has 2 adult children working in Sydney and Berlin.  She believes in the quality of life of families. Cara is running as a candidate because she believes Family First will champion families and their wellbeing.
On graduating from the National University of Singapore she taught in junior and senior schools as well as a tertiary institution for 14 years. After her family migrated to Perth 21 years ago, Cara attended the University of Western Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology. She is now a registered Psychologist with her own practice. Cara contributes to the community by offering counselling and personality testing.
Cara is an ordained minister of the Australian Christian Churches. She is the Associate Pastor of a local church and headed the Family Life department as well as managed a leadership team of teachers.
Agricultural - How to vote
Murray Yarran
Image Murray YarranMurray has lived in the Agricultural Region most of his life and currently resides in the Badjaling Aboriginal Community. He is a traditional Noongar man from the Ballardong tribe in the wheat belt and has ties to the Whudjuk tribe in Perth Metro.   
Murray is a keen advocate for human rights and has been involved in Aboriginal affairs for many years. He was the Regional Chairperson of the ATSIC Regional Council. He was also a Director or has worked with a number of Aboriginal organisations like Perth Economic Noongar Foundation, Western Australian Aboriginal Legal Service, Kaata-Moorda Aboriginal Corporation, Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee WA, Aboriginal Housing Board WA, Wheatbelt Aboriginal Corporation, Aboriginal Land Trust WA and Peedac Pty Ltd.
Murray is also involved with environmental and heritage activities. He teaches Noongar culture, heritage and bush tucker and runs his own business which provides Aboriginal Cross Cultural Awareness Training, youth mentoring and cultural camps.
A Pastor/Evangelist of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Murray also ministers to youth and young children on camps teaching them life skills, respect, love and appreciation of God. 
Leighton Knoll
Image Leighton KnollLeighton was raised on a small family farm in Victoria. He built a wholesale nursery business on part of that farm. Married to Kathryn with 3 grown up boys and 2 daughters in law.
Leighton moved to WA in 2002. Currently doing horse agistment and wholesale florist supplies from a farm in the Preston Valley.
Mining & Pastoral - How to vote
Ian Rose
Image Ian RoseHusband, Dad and Grandad, Ian is a family man who enjoys a quiet life relaxing as he is now semi retired. Married for over 40 years Ian has two children and three grand daughters. Living in the South West he has previously been employed as a boilermaker on various mine sites in WA and understands the challenges of a FIFO worker and the strain it puts on a family especially those who have young children. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf.
Having served in the Rhodesian army he appreciates the need to support veterans and look in our own backyard before we take in more immigrants who have no desire to call Australia home and accept the Australian way of life. An area of concern are the drugs and the availability of ICE. It is a very real problem. Are we sure that throwing them in jail is the answer? It takes approximately ten times more of your tax payer dollar to house them, with all the best facilities, in prison than it does to rehabilitate repeat offenders. Our Government needs to look at a solution to the problem and not continue to fill our Prisons at your expense.
Ian believes in supporting families, especially in these tough times, because when you have strong family unit you have a strong Australia. Most people want a home of their own, to see their kids do well, live in a safe neighbourhood and have a secure retirement.
Bev Custers
Image Bev CustersMarried for more than 42 years, with three daughters, Bev had always believed strongly in traditional family values.
Bev also stands firmly on the principle that strong families build strong communities and has therefore become involved in many community events and organisations over the years.
Bev has worked within the Government and knows the importance of keeping politicians accountable to the people they represent and serve!  She believes Family First is the Party to do that.
South West - How to vote
Linda Rose
Image Linda RoseI have lived in Bunbury, Western Australia for 34 years having emigrated from Zimbabwe. I have been married to Ian for 42years and we have two children and three granddaughters.
My background is sales and marketing. I love taking time out to catch up with friends and enjoy the occasional game of footy. I am a one eyed Eagles supporter, I love my Church; enjoy singing and making the attempt to keep fit!
I became involved with FAMILY FIRST 12 years ago as a founding member and have been involved as a candidate in all Federal and State Elections during this time as well as being a member of the Family First WA Board. I served as a City Councilor in Bunbury between 2005 – 2007.
I was closely involved with a small family business for 5 years and appreciate the need to support and help grow them. Small business represents around 97 per cent of all businesses in Western Australia. Give them a fair go!
I want to see people rewarded for acting responsibly and incentives to plan for the future. Our veterans, disabled persons, pensioners and those struggling to make ends meet must be the priority of the Government.
Many people today are disillusioned with the major parties and are genuinely looking for a credible alternative to represent them.
There is a need for a responsible party with a strong, common sense voice in the Western Australian State Parliament willing to work with all parties for the good of all people.
With my life skills and sense of fairness I know I will represent you well in the Legislative Council.
The priority of FAMILY FIRST is your family.
What could be more important than that?
Dave Bolt
Image David Bolt
David Bolt is a keen business minded entrepreneur having recently sold a dot com business in Perth to move to Dunsborough with his wife Lisa and seven children. Having worked for much of his career in community services and chaplaincy as well as children book illustration and publishing. David is a strong supporter of and understands the important role that Teachers and Carers and not for profits play in our state. With his large family David knows what it means to put family first.

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